Small Disclaimer

This site mainly serves as a memory crutch to help me on various topics. Since I don't mind that this would be public knowledge, feel free to use it.

You can see some of my contributions in this article or you can look at some of my old projects on Github. My public code is mostly an upload of my old prototype/testing code.

Overview of Projects and Contributions

A lot of these projects are not public and I may be publishing these at some point.


In Progress

hugin - Simulation environment with a MVC over network model with customizable network adapters like CIGI.

devoured - Binary wrapper for remote command execution by replacing stdin, stdout and stderr.

Working, but …


Lights On Solver

Small Disclaimer: I currently don't display an error when you hit the request rate limit of my server, so if you don't get a solution, please wait approx. 3 seconds and try again. My appserver may be down as well.

A simple 3x3 Lights On Solver. The backend is capable …


Preferred Libraries

These are my favourite libraries/technologies. Mainly serves as a reminder for me, because I'm prone to forgetting library names.

Library Description
nuklear UI library.
cpptoml Config Parser.
cxxopts Parameter Parser.
sdl2 Media abstraction library (graphics context creation, audio abstraction, input abstraction, etc ...... ).
sqlite3 Simple database/data storage.
postgresql More …