Small Disclaimer

This site mainly serves as a memory crutch to help me on various topics. Since I don't mind that this would be public knowledge, feel free to use it.

Currently also trying to rebuild the whole software stack so only a minimal version is online right now.

You can look at some of my old projects on Github. My public code is mostly an upload of my old prototype/testing code.

Highlighting cpp in Pelican

The first question that needs an answer is how does pelican generate cpp code-blocks?
So when we generate a cpp code block which as of this moment turns into

#include <iostream>

#include "bar.hpp"
#include "./baz.hpp"

class foo {
    int32_t example;

// Resolves to false value each time. Necessary for static_assert …

Preferred Libraries and Tools

These are my favourite libraries/technologies. Mainly serves as a reminder for me, because I'm prone to forgetting library names.

Library Description
nuklear UI library.
cpptoml Config Parser.
cxxopts Parameter Parser.
sdl2 Media abstraction library (graphics context creation, audio abstraction, input abstraction, etc ...... ).
sqlite3 Simple database/data storage.
postgresql More …