Preferred Libraries

These are my favourite libraries/technologies. Mainly serves as a reminder for me, because I'm prone to forgetting library names.

Library Description
nuklear UI library.
cpptoml Config Parser.
cxxopts Parameter Parser.
sdl2 media abstraction library (graphics context creation, audio abstraction, input abstraction, etc ...... ).
sqlite3 simple database/data storage.
postgresql more sophisticated database.
stb_image mainly as png loader/saver.
opengl rendering library, mainly using version 2.1 with extensions.
glad OpenGL extension loader.
opencl I don't like CUDA, since I'm dependent on NVidia cards, same reason I don't use directx (where I'm dependent on Windows, obviously).
vulkan like opengl, but better which doesn't mean I'm better at it.
capnproto strange, but very nice network/protocol library (genralapi is based on this, but I don't use the existing jsonrpc functionality. I have written my own implementation).
godot game engine with incredibly well structured design. I know that, because I sat down and started designing my own until I discovered godot. By sheer coincidence a lot of my design choices were overlapping with godot which explains my positive opinion of godot.
libcurl mainly as client for my genralapi library.
libudev udev access for input stuff. Normally I use sdl2 for this (which uses libudev). In the case I only want input I use this.
Published on Thu 28 February 2019
Author: Claudius Holeksa
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