Overview of Projects and Contributions

A lot of these projects are not public and I may be publishing these at some point.


In Progress

hugin - Simulation environment with a MVC over network model with customizable network adapters like CIGI.

devoured - Binary wrapper for remote command execution by replacing stdin, stdout and stderr.

Working, but possibly unpolished and not necessarily published

kelgin - Async framework library with io capabilities for more high performance applications. Instead of being based on promises which are destroyed after a single use this library uses pipelines or conveyors which transform data in a continuous flow.
Nodes in the pipeline may be destroyed after a set number of passes, so it can behave like a promise.
Inspired by capnproto.

kelgin-window - Window creation and context creation library. Window and context creation abstraction is missing a layer in all higher level libraries. This results in bad stackoverflow answers which do not reflect the reality of the graphical capabilities.

kelgin-graphics - Graphics rendering engine. Currently plugin based for different graphics API abstractions and meant to have a descriptive approach to build a render pipeline.


pedestrian simulation - 2D pedestrian simulation in a mvc over network modell with scalable path finding over custom maps.

openlb heat transfer simulation - Lattice-Boltzmann simulations of heat conduction of analytically known solutions to analyze effectiveness with openlb.

mineginx - Minecraft Reverse Proxy for proxying multiple minecraft servers on the same port for a more professional hosting environment. Similar to nginx/lighttpd.


xlaser - Smallish OpenGL implementation for xlaser.
microcontroller-workshop - Full Testing and Fixing the sample solution
gingko example - 2D and 3D Poisson problem example.
service status - Small modular monitoring tool with a static html layout. CSS currently isn't very pretty. I hosted a minor example page here.
openlb - Lattice-Boltzmann framework. Implemented free surface for my masters thesis.


Unifest 2017 - Technician
Schnupperstudium 2017,2018 - Week long workshop to introduce school students to the university

Playing around

Neural Pong/Minesweeper - Neural Network based on NEAT. I used this to learn sqlite3 to store the genomes and graphviz to view the resulting networks. This is and was more of a prototype.

Neon Blaster - clone of Geometry Wars 2. I had only 3 types of enemies, the code is not up to my standards and I'm not too eager to fix it, since it's just old code of mine. Written only with sdl2, glad and opengl in c++.

Lost Space - One of my projects which is hosted on github instead of my gitea instance. Also this is one of my first projects, so the software design is as good as my naming scheme in that project. You can only fly and walk around the structure/empty space since I used this project to learn Box2D. As the only other features it had an oxygen generator and doors. The oxygen escaped if the doors were open and the doors would open if you were nearby.

WiiWeight - Small program to use the wii balance board as a scale.

mc_bot - Minecraft network implementation based on older protocols. Network implementation for the implemented version works fine with some json fiddling.
Protocol is way too much of an unpleasant experience, resulting in an unwillingness to finish it.

genralapi - JsonRpc 2.0 over Http Interface Library - In Progress and public example on Lights On Solver.
Strongly based on capnproto. Library with incredible functionality, but I had to read the source to learn how to use it. I wrote the jsonrpc part based on the current master branch implementation, but I didn't like that it isn't really compatible with the kj::HttpService class, so I rewrote it. Also the last time I looked at it, it couldn't handle array rpc calls. Moved on to my own library due to needs which are not met with capn'proto.

Planned for the (very very ...) distant future

NeNe - Neural Network library based on NEAT

Deploy - Dynamic Deployment based on genraljsonapi of all my services. Kind of like githooks, but abstracted since I don't always notify through git. Some cronjob may notify my deploy system, some webhook or another machine over ssh. Also could be used to monitor system updates. That's one of the reasons why I can't only use githooks.

Finkel - Replacing my software ledger for financial planning. Elster integration would be nice as well.

Published on Sat 16 March 2019
Modified on Thu 16 September 2021
Author: Claudius Holeksa
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