Lights On Solver

Small Disclaimer: I currently don't display an error when you hit the request rate limit of my server, so if you don't get a solution, please wait approx. 3 seconds and try again. My appserver may be down as well.

A simple 3x3 Lights On Solver. The backend is capable of miscellaneous dimensions, since it is a implementation of a LU decomposition on a vector space over GF(2) of a matrix generated by a 5 point star stencil. I currently block all requests which are not 3x3 matrices.

The red dots represent which tiles you have to toggle to get to a solution.

One of the reasons I made this was to test my jsonrpc 2.0 http 1.1 library written in C++ with the library Capn'Proto.
The other reason is that I'm too lazy to solve the puzzles in the game 'Hammerwatch'.

Not my video, but this is an example of such a puzzle.

Published on Tue 05 March 2019
Author: Claudius Holeksa
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